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We can help you with implementation and training of Zoho products

When it comes to Zoho, We are the champions

Why are we good at it?

We have an Edge

Being a CA firm, having extensive experience in auditing & taxation matters, and serving 100s of clients over the years. We have an edge when it comes to understanding the challenges and requirements of your finance team.

We have a 360 degree View

We look at things from all 3 angles i.e. your accountant, your auditor and government authorities but ensure that your i.e. the entrepreneurs interest are served first.

We empathize

There are high chances that your accountant has used Tally for years and so have we. We know exactly what their pain points are and how we can resolve them.

Been there, done that

We have implemented Zoho Finance products in more than 50 Organizations and actively use the same for accounting and compliances for many of our clients.

Actively supporting Zoho Team

We have been actively involved in helping Zoho and its Team to improve the product and to give constructive feedback.

We use it aswell

All our internal accounting & payroll happens through Zoho Products. So we have first-hand experience with the product & its's updates.

Zoho Implementation and Training Services

Once you have decided to go for Zoho products, we help with the following:

  • Setting up the organization, Invoice Templates, Email templates, etc for recurring use
  • Updating Opening balances as per last audited financial statements
  • Updating Vendor Masters, Customer Masters, Chart of Accounts and Inventory Masters
  • Training your team in detail with regards to each aspect of Zoho Finance products, training module can be found over here

Zoho Retainership Services

  • Once Zoho is implemented at your place we can help your team on regular basis to deal with their queries and challenges on a retainer basis
  • Have a check on a Monthly / Quarterly basis of books of accounts in order to avoid complications at the time of audit or finalization of books of accounts

Zoho Accounting and End to End compliance services

  • We can take complete charge of your bookkeeping in Zoho Books 
  • Having books of accounts in Zoho books gives you better visibility of finances
  • We can help you with all statutory compliances including finalization of books of accounts and IT Returns, etc.

To go for Zoho, or to Not Go for Zoho

So if you are someone who is still confused or not sure if you should go ahead with Zoho finance products for your organization, don’t worry we are there to help you make that decision.

Don’t worry, our opinion is unbiased, we look forward to having a long-term relationship with our clients. We know that if we push the wrong product, it can be disastrous for the efficiency of your business and in turn impact our reputation.

We understand the needs of your organization and the challenges of your accounts team.

Once we know what your organization needs, we’ll let you know

  • what all is available in Zoho and what plan do you need to subscribe to, for the same.
  • we let you know what all can be achieved through customization in Zoho Finance products and the probable cost for the same.
  • Lastly, we let you know what all is not possible or available in Zoho finance products.

Clarity on above three aspects will help you in taking a clear decision on whether to go for Zoho Finance Products or not.

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