Affirmation – Key to Action

Affirmation – Key to Action

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What is an affirmation???

It is a note that you read aloud every morning before you start your day. It is similar to a pledge that we had in our schools that “All Indians are my brothers and sisters…” walla thing. Well, that was for the country, affirmation is a self crafted pledge for your life. YOU have to create your own affirmations.

Now I know the thought of reading aloud something just after waking up or not long before you start your workday may sound a bit silly. I found it silly and opposed a great deal before I finally took up this practice. It took almost a year to adopt this practice even after knowing this has been highly emphasized in finest books like “Think and Grow Rich”. In fact, Stephen Covey author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective people” writes that affirmation and attitude are the keys to putting his seven steps into action, creating real results by merging self-dependence and effective interdependence.

It has the ability to change your conviction framework. You will find lot of content on the web on how affirmations can condition your subconscious mind and why it is important to have affirmations

I don’t expect you to start doing affirmations just after reading this post. I do realize that your brain will but naturally require lot of persuasion. My idea over here is simply to acquaint you all with the idea of affirmations.

Trust me guys if you want to achieve something and are not able to take action towards it this is “the” habit that you need to take up.

The key is to have a very powerful affirmation and then to read it reliably consistently.

Well, how do you go about creating a very powerful affirmation?

1) Write your Goals

It should have your goals. Now, try be specific over here. For eg., if you want to get rich. Your affirmations should not just have “I am having lot of money, or I am rich” It should have something similar to “I will have savings of X amount by 2020” or if you want to get healthy it should be specific “I will be weighing Y Kg by December 2018”, etc

2) Action Points

Just writing goals will not help. You have to be clear in the actions that you are going to take to achieve those goals. The actions that you are going to take should form part of your affirmations. For Eg. “I am making Z number of sales call today” or “I am saving Z amount this month” or “I shall be exercising for one hour today”, etc

3) Cover all aspects

Examples that I gave above touch upon your financial and health goals. You need to have affirmations for all important areas of your life. Some areas you can consider are–
i) Finances
ii) Health
iii) Relationships
iv) Habits
v) Behavioural changes
vi) Personal Development, etc

4) Why????

The why for each objective ought to be clear. On the off chance that you don’t have an amazing why or an incredible motivation to seek after your objectives you won’t be persuaded enough to take actions towards it.

We all have goals and need to progress in the direction of them but the problem is they go out of sight , they are completely out of existence. We overlook that we want to work towards better health, we ignore the fact that we have to be committed for a better relationship, we forget that we need to read more often to improve our skill set, etc.

Imagine, you have written down specific goals for all important areas of your life, you have written down the “Whys” for each goal. You have also written specific actions that you are going to take to achieve them AND you are reading this every single morning. Will you not be enthused to take action? 
Wait a minute.Why am I giving this gyan? Well, I will like to reproduce one section of my affirmation over here – 
“I have learned a lot and continue to learn. I am also aware that I love to write and writing gives me fulfillment. From the space of contribution and just contribution without any expectations of praise, likes, accolades, fame I shall write one article every Sunday on my learnings and share it with the world.”

The above is from the fulfillment section of my affirmation.

If you are someone who is already following this practice or has done it in the past. Feel free to share your experience.

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